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NVC ‘brush-up’ course + NVC mini festival ‘from scratch’

NVC: Nonviolent Communication (NVC), the work of Marshall Rosenberg Language: English (second language to most)
Level of NVC practice: from ‘some experience’ to ‘skilled’
Participants: 8-16 persons, age: adults (18+)

– 1-day course: 90 euros* incl. simple food, coffee/tea (* no formal invoice)
Income is shared between food/accomodation (kitchen-help and organiser) and the trainers who invest in preparation and hold the training
– 3-day mini festival: only shared expenses for food (altogether around 35 Euros* each), program and content is co-created, accomodation is non-profit

It is optional to participate in both the course and the festival, you can choose to participate in just one. However, I do suggest that you participate in both, and that you stay from start till end, for unity and continuation of the group.

Venue and accomodation: Private house, Gl. Byvej 28 B, 5792 Aarslev (just south of Odense). Sleeping in own tent in the garden, or in shared room in the house (10 mattresses available in the house, 2 in each room; bring own linen, sleeping bag, pillow, towel). Or you can find a B&B in the area.

+1 additional day of holiday, August 13th – 14th: You are welcome to stay a bit longer at the venue to relax, integrate, and see more of the area. No cost, except for shared food.

Sign-up: email to Peter, organizer and host: peterulrikjensen@yahoo.dk – Please write how you plan to sleep (tent or room); if you eat everything or vegetarian or vegan; when you plan to arrive and leave, and other comments. Pay cash at arrival. Any questions, call +45 30690147 (Peter).

1-day course ‘NVC brush-up’, August 9th – 10th

CNVC Certified trainers: Gitte Bork and Trond Ullenes (see more below) Program:

Tuesday 9th
from 13:00: Arrival – a snack is served 14 – 15:30: Session 1 (Gitte Bork) Coffee/tea
16 – 17:30: Session 2 (Gitte Bork) Dinner 18:30 – 19:30
20:00: Evening walk in nature or similar

Contents of the 1-day course:

Wednesday 10th

Breakfast 8:00 – 8:45
9 – 10:30: Session 3 (Trond Ullenes) Break
11 – 12:30: Session 4 (Trond Ullenes) Lunch 12:30 – 13:15

Free afternoon / Transition to mini festival Dinner 17.30
Opening circle 19.30

It is a brush up course of basic NVC. From various angles you will meet ‘the 4 steps’, ’empathy and honesty’, ‘the dance’ and ‘the four ears’. It will be explained as theory so you get clarity, and expect exercises too, to discover and learn from practice.
Disclaimer: minimum 8 participants on the course (deadline July 25th)

Presentation of trainers:

Gitte Bork:

Gitte says: ”I am looking forward to meeting you, and to facilitate enriching dialogue processes based on NVC. We will especially explore our intentions and practice what we can do when it is difficult to create the wanted connection and dialogue. How can we create space for self- empathy when we need it? How can we come back to the dialogue track?

I became a certified NVC trainer in 2003 and have since taught and facilitated many dialogue processes in various contexts. Especially the paedagogical field has my interest, since my basic education is MA paed.”

Trond Ullenes:

Trond says: “I have been on the NVC path since 2015 and became a Certified Trainer in 2022. I am running my own company, sharing NVC mainly in organizations as a coach, facilitator and inspirational speaker. I enjoy a bicycle ride in the nature and a swim close to where I live before I start working, all year through.”

3-day mini festival ‘from scratch’, August 10th – 13th – learning, living and relaxing with NVC


Thursday 10th
From 16:00: Arrival
Dinner 17:30 – 19:00
19:30: Opening circle
….. festival program and content is formed together Sunday 13th
14:00 – 15:00: Closing circle

Idea: The festival is in ‘open format’, we create it together ‘from scratch’, both the learning, living and relaxing. As organizer, I will prepare a vegetarian/vegan meal for the first night and do the shopping for the next two meals. I will also prepare an opening meeting on the first night – to support landing and connecting. At the opening meeting we will get clarity about practical things too: food preferences, how to handle conflicts, a general time structure, etc. I will also offer to facilitate the first morning meeting (Friday morning). From there, the group takes over…

It will be a space with plenty of opportunity to practice facilitation, hold workshops, participate in workshops, look deeper within, and to ‘hold yourself’ and find ways to meet your needs as they show up during the day. It is all about NVC. And other ways of working and playing may be offered too.

NB: Please bring something you’d like to work on: a personal problem, a conflict with someone, a question about NVC, a game, a workshop you want to hold, a topic or question you suggest someone else holds a workshop about, or an NVC technique such as ‘dance floors’, ‘four chairs’, puppets – anything you’d like to explore and learn from. What you bring is also your ‘contribution’ to the festival.

Also bring: music instruments, a song, a story, recipe for a cake, books, toys and games, paper and crayons, and any other thing you’d like to contribute with. And bring swimming suit, shoes for walking or running (there are lakes and nature routes in the area).

I hope to see you! – whether we have met before or not yet! – Peter

About the organizer, Peter Ulrik Jensen:

I have practiced NVC since 2011 and am now a certified trainer
with CNVC (Center for Nonviolent Communication). In my civil life, I work as priest in the local church and community. My entry to NVC community has been the European summer festivals and other grassroot work, and I value when NVC is shared in ways that are transparent and low cost.

Invitation policy: You are welcome to forward this invitation personally to someone you’d love to

see at the festival (even if you can’t come yourself).


Aug 09 - 13 2023


4:00 pm - 3:00 pm